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Joe Casali Engineering, Inc. (JCE) was contracted by Alexion Pharmaceuticals to design site improvements associated with an overall 63,000 square foot expansion to their existing facility in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  Proposed site improvements included new parking lots, perimeter access road, pedestrian walkways, drainage and utility services.  Site features were designed in accordance with Smithfield Zoning and Land Development Regulations as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  JCE’s responsibilities included preparing plans and documents to obtain permits from the Town of Smithfield Zoning Board, Town of Smithfield Planning Board, Smithfield Water Supply Board, Smithfield Sewer, Smithfield Soil Erosion Control Committee, and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) Office of Water Resources.

In addition, JCE provided professional geotechnical engineering services for the expansion of the existing Alexion Pharmaceuticals Facility.  JCE executed a comprehensive geotechnical exploration program which included observation and documentation of seventeen (17) borings; two of which were completed as groundwater monitoring wells, and excavation of eight (8) test pits for use in stormwater management design.  JCE administered a geotechnical laboratory testing program to determine geotechnical soil parameters and assess in-situ soils for reuse during construction.  JCE prepared a thorough geotechnical recommendations report which detailed foundation design parameters, seismic design, foundation drainage, pavement design, and construction recommendations. 

hEbdeen street sewer

johnston, rhode island

river drive

johnston, rhode island

Joe Casali Engineering, Inc. (JCE) was retained by the Town of Johnston, Rhode Island to complete an existing conditions sewer study of the River Drive area. The study consisted of obtaining and reviewing the existing sewer plans provided by the Town of Johnston Engineering Department as well as on-site inspection and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera inspection of all the manholes, sewer lines and pump stations within the River Drive area. JCE subsequently designed sewer infrastructure upgrades to address the inflow/infiltration issues within the existing sewer pipes and manhole deficiencies as well as the relocation of the River Drive and Morgan Estates Pump Stations.

JCE’s responsibilities also included providing the project manual and performing construction phase services. In addition, JCE performed labor standards review of the Contractors operations to confirm compliance with the Davis Bacon Act. 


JCE designed and permitted 600 linear feet of water and 660 linear feet of sewer main extensions within Hebdeen Street in Johnston, Rhode Island.



Abbey Lane Community Association presently operates a small community water system along with a community on-site waste water treatment system (OWTS) serving 16 single family homes. 

Abbey Lane Community Association contracted with JCE to specify and design the replacement of the community’s antiquated sewer and water mains, upgrade of the water pump station, installation of a new water supply on the property via a well, upgrade the existing on-site waste water treatment facility and restore the site back to existing conditions. 

JCE also provided design services for the repaving of Abbey Lane.



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