Joe Casali Engineering, Inc. (JCE) performed a flood plain analysis of the West River section along Branch Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island for Branch Avenue Associates, LLC. This highly urbanized area was subject to frequent flooding events prior to 2007 that resulted in economic losses to many businesses adjacent to Branch Avenue and water quality degradation of the river.

The project entailed the restoration of 1.4-acres of the pre-existing wetland functions and values by planting native wetland species, removing fill from the wetland, and restoring floodplain pools. The maintenance plan required flood mitigation measures such as annual maintenance to prevent the regrowth of invasive species and the removal of fill from the floodway. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation is now responsible for removing sediment from the Route 146 culverts at Branch Avenue as needed. 

pawtucket credit union

warwick, rhode island

Joe Casali Engineering, Inc. (JCE) was hired by Vision 3 Architects to design site improvements and utility connections for the Pawtucket Credit Union on Warwick Avenue in Warwick, Rhode Island. Proposed site improvements include surface parking facilities, drive-up facilities, sidewalks, and signage. Site features were designed in accordance with the City of Warwick Zoning and Land Development Requirements as well as in accordance with American Disabilities Act (ADA).

JCE’s responsibilities include preparing plans and documents for the Warwick Sewer Authority, Warwick Water Department, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) Water Resources for an Underground Injection Control Permit (UIC), and Rhode Island
Department of Transportation (RIDOT) for a Physical Alteration Permit.

reaper brook 

smithfield, rhode island

Joe Casali Engineering, Inc. (JCE) performed a floodplain analysis of Reaper Brook for Kerissa Creations. This analysis was used to calculate if the floodplain associated with Reaper Brook impacted their adjacent building to purchase flood insurance or seek an official letter from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to remove the building from classification as within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA - 100 year floodplain) and thereby reduce the cost of the flood insurance currently required for the building. A hydrologic analysis of the 726-acre watershed was performed to determine the peak flow for the 100-year storm. A hydraulic model was then created and the peak flow was modeled through Reaper Brook to determine the water elevation adjacent to the building. The Army Corps of Engineers “Hydrologic Engineering Center – River Analysis System” (HEC-RAS) was used to meet FEMA requirements. It was determined that the building was above the 100-year floodplain elevation and FEMA granted a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) stating that the building is removed from the SFHA.


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floodplain analysis

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